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    Referenceable was founded in 2019 by several former ex-YC entrepreneurs who have built, sold, and worked at several high growth venture-backed companies. Our team has worked at companies like SchoolMint, GlimpseK12, The Climate Corporation, PowerSchool, Learning Earnings, and Huli. Our investors/advisors include several top silicon valley angel investors as well as executives from companies like Gainsight, Oracle, and BEA.


    Referenceable aims to solve three pervasive pain points for B2B businesses:


    • Managing sales and marketing content
    • Managing customer references 
    • Dynamically targeting the above to the right sales lead at exactly the right time


    We created Referenceable to scratch our own proverbial itch. The three items above are challenging when scaling your sales organization in the B2B market. Referenceable makes managing customer references, sales content, and dynamic targeting, easy, cheap, and effective.


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