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    Content Management


    Managing sales content all in one place is key for operational efficiency and consistency. Too much time is wasted searching for curated content for prospects. Not to mention, content is often outdated and inaccurate.


    Not anymore.


    Referenceable provides a centralized location for all sales personnel to access your organization's latest referenceable content. Referenceable's content library makes it quick and easy to curate tailored content to enable your sales organization.

  • Interactive deal rooms continue to sell after you hang up


    Sales prospects deserve your best and your bottom line demands it. Finding the right content for each prospect is time consuming and hard to manage. Referenceable's sales hub allows you to easily create deal rooms targeted to the specific interests of your prospect.


    Interactive deal rooms engage prospects and close deals faster.


    Interactive and personalized content is proven to close deals more quickly. Populate your deal rooms with any type of content (customer reference and testimonial videos, sales decks, presentations, demos, brochures, case studies, etc.)


    Did they access my content or share it with other stakeholders?

  • Real-time alerts monitor engagement and notify sales

    Referenceable tracks all activity by prospects in your deal room. Real-time alerts are sent to sales as prospects access deal room content. Sales signals such as who's hot and who's not guide sales on exactly when and who needs follow up.


    How engaging is our content?


  • Analytics evaluate content engagement and efficacy

    Referenceable's analytics track all prospect engagement to identify what content works best to close deals. Signals such as which content is accessed or shared the most, helps you optimize your content library over time.


    Increasing the effectiveness of your content accelerates deals through your pipeline.


    What if our prospects need a reference? (sigh)

  • Automate the Customer Reference Process


    Reference management makes or breaks your pipeline. Unfortunately, it is painful to capture (CSR), manage (Marketing), and distribute (Sales) reference content to your sales prospects.

    Referenceable's platform automates the collection, management, and distribution of customer references directly in your deal room. It also manages the workflows required to schedule a customer reference call.

  • Encourage collaboration & build trust while selling virtually


    Referenceable's deal rooms foster engagement with prospects through collaboration. Prospects easily have realtime chat with sales to answer top of mind questions and make content requests to help build their case with internal stakeholders.

    Give your prospect the tools to sell for you.


    Each prospect deal room can be shared with other decision-makers throughout their organization. These influencers are critical to getting your sale closed but it is nearly impossible to get your message to them. As your prospect shares the deal room to stakeholders within the organization, sales are delivered insights into who these stakeholders are and which content they are accessing.


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