• Personalized Deal Rooms Speak to Prospects

    Create personalized deal rooms that are targeted to every sales lead

  • Features

    Target. Share. Track.

  • Personalized deal rooms continue to sell your prospects

    Your sales team creates deal rooms personalized to each prospects. Deal rooms start during discovery and engage prospects through the close.


    Help buyers close with personalized content

    Each deal room has content specifically tailored to the interests of each prospect. From discovery to close, your deal rooms will engage prospects throughout as you share content that helps them decide.


    Humanize the virtual sales process with custom messages


    Each deal room contains personalized messages that humanize the sales process and ensure your reps stay in front of prospects. Personalized messages are perfect to summarize and restate the opportunities

    Analytics track prospect engagement with your content​

    Monitor prospects in real-tine as they engage with your content and receive notifications when items are viewed and shared to others within the prospects organization.


    Real-time insight into the sales process increase's the sales organization's pipeline visibility. Referenceable analytics also help you determine which content is moving prospects and closing deals.

  • Personalization benefits both the top and bottom of the funnel

    Top or bottom, it matters not

    Top of funnel

    Personalized deal rooms are the perfect follow up after an introductory call or demonstration. Simply select the appropriate content whether it is a sales deck, product demo, customer reference video, or promotional materials.


    Bottom of Funnel

    Often times all you need to close a B2B deal is a little social validation. This validation needs to come from a peer in the industry sharing the same pain points as your prospect.


    Referenceable's customer reference manager curates the perfect reference library allowing you to share targeted references speaking directly to your customer's needs and pain points.

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