• Reference Management Platform

    Reference workflow automation and content targeting takes the pain out of

    collecting, managing, distributing customer references

  • Common Problems You Know Well

    The traditional reference management process is cumbersome, outdated, and causes delays in your pipeline

    Prospect and customer have a hard time connecting

    You have no control over the content of the conversation

    Your customers get worn out providing references

    No idea when/if prospects engaged references

  • We solve these problems with workflow automation

    and content targeting to increase your efficiency

    and effectiveness

  • Automate the collection of customer references

    You define value proposition questions and target specific customers of interest.


    Referenceable captures reference videos and guides your customers, ensuring they hit key value statements and share the 'magic' that will move your prospects.

  • Enable sales with targeted customer libraries

    Empower your sales organization with product portfolio libraries. Each library organizes reference content into unique value proposition areas specific to each product.


    Custom tagging and filtering allows sales reps to instantly find the right content for each prospective buyer.

  • Increase sales prospect engagement 10x with

    authentic video​

    Prospective customers are 10x more engaged with authentic customer video testimonials than phone conversations alone.


    Referenceable pinpoints the exact reference content that speaks to the interests of each prospect. Conversation requests are captured when needed directly from the prospect and routed back to your sales organization.

  • Power of Video

    Referenceable leverages the latest in persuasion research to maximize the impact of every customer reference

    10x Engagement


    Video is 10x more engaging than text or voice only content. Seeing and hearing engages 1,000x more synapses, ensuring your prospects are retaining the maximum amount of content from your customers.


    Focus = concentration. Concentration = Conversion.

    Lower Friction


    Studies show people give higher quality, richer responses to open-ended questions when using voice instead of text. Ensuring your customer references are of the highest quality helps you close more leads.


    Let your customers sell for you in the most effective medium.

    Tonal information 5x

    more than text

    Voice contains up to 5x more useful information than text alone, which supercharges our sentiment and emotional models. It’s why we all prefer to call our customers instead of emailing them.


    Imagine the power if your prospects both see and hear your customers.

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