• All-in-One Content Management

    Content management & analysis is a nightmare and hinders your sales enablement program

  • Features

    Capture. Manage. Enable.

  • Sales enablement's foundation is the content library

    Referenceable's content library lets you easily organize and manage all sales and marketing content across the organization.


    • Organize content for quick access and manage versions 
    • Create content approval workflows
    • Capture customer references directly from the platform 
    • Capture product demonstrations and video messages 

    Insights track content utilization and effectiveness

    Referenceable's analytics track utilization across the sales organization and track prospect engagement and effectiveness.


    • Monitor asset utilization by sales rep 
    • Track prospect engagement with all content 
    • Analyze the effectiveness of your content 
    • Identify the relationship between content, close rates, and sales cycles

    'Source of truth' for content increases efficiency

    Referenceable's content library not only makes managing content easier, it also increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team.

    • Manage any type of sales content 
    • Customize filters and tagging for instant access by sales
    • Instantly create targeted deal rooms for every prospect
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